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Confronting the Active Shooter 

CCA’s full-length project aimed at analyzing what factors affect survivability during intentional mass-casualty incidents, authored by editor Sydney Fernandez and contributor Alicia Hitch. 

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-Saudi Arabia: Global Hegemony or Regional Meddler? 

In contributor Jesus Delintt’s first article with Critical Conflict Analysis, he explores the dilemma faced by the Saudi Kingdom: How to consolidate power in a conflict-addled region while contending with failed nation-building endeavors and deep divisions at home. 

-The Dangerous Dance of Diplomacy: Repairing a Broken Yemen Amidst Regional Rivalries

Yemen is one of the Middle East’s newest flashpoints, involving international actors supporting regional powerhouses Saudi Arabia and Iran by proxy. However the true toll of the Yemeni civil war is human: thousands have been killed and an alarming portion of the population is now food-insecure. 


-Perfect Storms: How Poverty, Government Neglect, and Social Tensions Fuel Africa’s Growing Insurgencies

In Critical Conflict Analysis’s first full-length report, we will examine four nations gripped by two insurgencies. We discuss causes and solutions in an effort to better understand the nature of violence, so that we can, together, learn the nature of peace.


-Behind High Walls: The Tragedy of America’s Forgotten Refugees

-On Shifting Sands: Victory and Peace in the Age of Global Terror

-Dangerous Home, Perilous Road: The Plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya