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Meet Our Founder

Before founding Critical Conflict Analysis, Sydney Fernandez was a university student with a passion for the Arabic language and helping others. Those passions intertwined in March of 2016 when he traveled to the tumultuous Greek island of Lesvos to aid Syrian and Iraqi refugees arriving on Greek shores in search of asylum. Over the next 15 months he worked with three international non-governmental organizations in several countries with the aim of finding durable solutions to migration challenges and alleviating human suffering.

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It was during his time in refugee camps that he recognized the urgent need for better dialogue on migration issues, underpinned by a deeper understanding of the factors causing human displacement.

From Sydney:

“Critical Conflict Analysis is a website focused on providing timely and accurate assessments of conflicts, their roots, their possible outcomes, and, crucially, presenting solutions to mitigate the risk to communities caught in the paths of destructive waves of violence. Unencumbered by traditional media’s penchant desire for higher ratings, or limited by reader’s short attention spans, Critical Conflict Analysis aims only to provide the highest quality information, as the foundation of an informed discussion. It is our hope to protect communities, fortify peace, and save lives. By reading our articles, and sharing them among your friends, coworkers, and family-members, you help spread our mission of informed dialogue and our uncompromising goal of peace-building. Thank you for all that you, the reader, have done for us.”



Meet Our Contributors



Jesus Delintt became passionate about conflict resolution while working in Deheishe refugee camp, Palestine. He has assisted several international aid organizations across multiple continents. He is a recipient of the prestigious Boren Scholarship, and has studied Arabic abroad. He now provides protection for public figures in Los Angeles, California. 

Alicia Hitch commissions into the U.S. Army in December 2019 and will soon begin training as a Signal Officer. Her passions include global security and military cooperation. She speaks English and Spanish.